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Our cultural heritage carries a great significance to the marriage tradition, which imbibes purity and values, so above and beyond making partners, we must learn the true meaning of marriage.

So, marriage in our culture is not just about the bond or union between two individuals. It’s all about a family affair, which means before making a decision in your life do make sure the compatibility and communion between families works well together. And yes, by which you’ll get covered with bounded support from parents when your marriage falters.

Happiness starts when you make a family, not just a partner :)

Parent Networking

As a parent, we refrain our children from using handheld devices when they’re young, but the irony is we let them make their life’s most important decision by just forwarding bride or groom profiles on the same devices.

Let’s move on from that routine and learn to set-up matrimonial alliances, build networking and start socialising with families around you. Learn how to leverage the bonding, compatibility and walkthrough their roots, so you can effortlessly educate your kid and help him/her in making better life decisions.

In every day of our lives, we contribute our share of values to our children. So, make sure you instill worth enough!

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